Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wedding Wednesday - Ethel C. Davis and Henry Philip Benedix

Ethel C Davis married Henry Philip Benedix in 1921 according to the 1930 Census for them.  Ethel was 17 years old and Henry was 21.  Ehtel is my Grand Aunt, she was born December 1904 in New Hampshire and Henry was born December 1899 in New Hampshire.  They are sitting in the front row.  We are not sure who is standing behind them, but we think they might be Ethel's sister and maybe best man. 

Ethel C Davis' parents were, Frank C. Davis and Georgia Ann Nichols.  Henry's parents were Edward Benedix and Fannie.  They lived in Hillsborough County, New Hampshire and Lawrence County, Massachusetts.  They went on to have three children, Harold Benedix, Ethel Benedix and Raymond Benedix.

If you can identify them, please email me and let me know.

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