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Tombstone Tuesday - Oma Craig Handy and Lula M. Craig

Lula M Craig and Oma Craig Handy

Oma Craig Handy, was Euell B Handy's second wife, they married on 27 Sep 1931 in Patrick County, Virginia.  Oma is buried with her sister, Lula at the Woolwine United Methodist Church Cemetery, in Woowine, Virginia.

    Monday, October 25, 2010

    Amanuenis Monday - Letters Home - William Robert Blades - 30 Nov 1940 and 4 Dec 1940

    I found of box of letters my father wrote home to his parents during his first ten years in the Navy, which he joined in November 1940.  I plan on posting one or two every Mondy until I get done.  There are a lot of letters.  This is going to take a while, but by transcribing his letters home I will learn more about him.  Here is the first one he wrote just after arriving at the Navel Training Station in Newport, Rhode Island.
    William Robert Blades
    U.S. Navy
    November 30, 1940

    Dear Mom and Dad:

    I arrived here Friday at 4:00 pm signed a lot of papers, ate chow, when to the movies, then to bed. Today we got up at 5:30am received $108.00 worth of clothing, 2 pair of shoes, 3 hats and 1 dress hat, 4 pairs of white pants, 4 pairs of blue pants, 4 blue tops, 4 white tops, 1 sweater, 12 pair of stockings, 4 sets of summer undies, 4 of winter undies, 1strong box, all toilet articles, shoe and clothes brush, writing matter, pair of rubbers, pair of sneakers, an mackinaw. When writing back, send some stamps and a couple of dollars for cigarettes. We go in detention Monday or Tuesday for 3 weeks and come home for nine days at the end of 5 or 6 weeks. I saw Bob Friday night in the show but just to say hi. It is hard to get stamps. I will write and let you know when you can come and visit. My company No. is 79.

    Address like this:

    Blades, W.R.
    Naval Training Station
    Newport, RI
    Co. 79

    P.S. All I have is 8 cents. The weather is pretty good.
    P.S. Give my regards to everyone

    Love “Bill”

    December 4, 1940

    Newport, RI
    Company 79

    Dear Mom and Dad:

    I have been going from 5:30 am to 9:30 pm. Monday we had a blood test and today we were vaccinated and had shots for Typhoid we will have 3 shots, 1 every seven days in detention. After 3 weeks of detention we have a leave Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon within Newport. You can come down any Sunday you want, you can bring any amount of visitors you want. I will be out in six weeks so that means I will be home after New Year’s about Jan. 14th. I’ve seen Bob and we had a good talk together. We move to "D" Barracks Saturday, that’s were Bob is staying. We wash clothes every night and drill in the day with 9 pound rifles.

    Love “Bill”

    P.S. Try to get down some Sunday

    Thursday, October 21, 2010

    Those Places - Euell Bunion Handy's Home

    Euell and Oma Handy lived here.  The house is at Meadows of Dan, Virginia
    This is a picture of my uncle Euell and Oma Handy's Farm in Meadows of Dan, Virginia back in the 1970's.  I remember going their with my mother, Delcie and my twin sister, Paula to visit when we were kids.  Uncle Uuell had a big farm, almost 200 acres I think.  When we would visit he used to take us for a walk around a small part of the farm.  He would also drive us around in his truck down the old dirt roads to look around and one time he hit a bump so hard we nearly fell out of the back of the truck.  

    I also remember when we were younger and my eye level was at countertop hight, Aunt Oma was churning butter the old fashion way with a butter churn and Uncle Euell was just coming inside to visit with us.  When he came home from his hunting trip he wanted to know if we wanted to stay for dinner and slapped 2 or 3 dead squirrels on the counter.  When my little eyes say those dead squirrels on the counter, at my eye level, I ran from the kitchen onto the front porch and said "I want to go home, I am not eat squirrel!"  For some reason everyone thought that was funny but me.

    Euell Handy in the 1970's

    Euell Handy talking to my mother, Delcie and Deb looking on in her blue blazer. 
    Paula, my twin, and I in our little red outfits looking at the goat
     and talking to Aunt Oma.  Picture taken in the late 1970's

    Uncle Euell and Mom, Delcie Handy Blades
    Taken in the late 1970's

    Wednesday, October 20, 2010

    Adding Tabs - Blades Surname, Handy Surname and Unknown Photos

    I have added some tabs to my blog page.  So far I have added three.  They are Blades Surname, Handy Surname and Unknown Photos.  The Blades and Handy tabs I plan on adding Pedgree Charts and Family Group Sheets for the Blades' and Handy's in my family tree.  Some go back two hundred years.

    The Unknown Pictures tab is for pictures of people who are unknown to us that Sharon, my sister and I found while going through hundres of photos she got from our Grammy Blades and Grammy Davis on my Dad's side a very long time ago.

    If you know any of these people under any of my tabs, I would appreciate it if you would email me at bladeshandyblog@gmail.com and let me know. Thanks.

    Here is a sample of what will appear on the other tabs.

    William Robert Blades Pedgree Chart

    Delcie May Handy Pedgree Chart

    Unknown Picture
    Just Married

    Wordless Wednesday - My Little Helper

    Fluffy - On nice days he sits in the
    window to help me do research and blog.

    Tuesday, October 19, 2010

    Tombstone Tuesday - Virginia Pauline Handy Clifton and Guy Clifton

    Here are the tombstones for my mother's sister, (Virginia) Pauline Handy Clifton and her husband, Guy S. Clifton.  Virginia Pauline Handy was born 31 Aug 1921 in Patrick County, Virginia and died 18 Mar 1991 in Roanoke, Virginia.  Her husband Guy was born 23 May 1920 in Patrick County, Virginia and died 26 Nov 2009 in Roanoke, Virginia.  They are both buried at Evergreen Burial Park in Roanoke, Virginia.

    Thursday, October 14, 2010

    Justice Family - Adeline Midkiff Justice

    Here is the next Justice on my list.  Today is information about Adeline Midkiff, I have a little bit more inforamtion about her.  Again, any help in verifying this information would be appreciated.  If you would like copies of any of the documents I mention, let me know and I would be happy to send you a copy.

    This is the only photo we have of Adeline Midkiff Justice.
    She is standing by one of her sons, Posey L. Justice.

    Adeline Midkiff Jusice
    Information by Belinda Blades
    I can be reached at bladeshandyblog@gmail.com

    1869 January - Adeline Midkiff was born to Greenville and Rhoda (Nelson) Midkiff in Patrick County, Virginia according to the 1870 census.

    1870 Adeline is just 1 year old in the 1870 U.S. Census for Dan River, Patrick County, Virginia. She has two sisters Elizabeth 4 years old and Martha L is 10 years old. Her father Greenville is 25 and Roda [Rhoda] her mother is 33. Greenville is a farmer with property worth $1,300 and his personal estate is worth $100. All were born in Virginia.

    1880 Adeline is 11 years old however, in the 1880 Census she is shown as 8. She and her family are living in the Mayo River region of Patrick County, Virginia. Greenville is shown a 45 and a farmer. Rhoda is 43, keeping house and also shown as having Pneumonia. Adeline’s sisters - Martha is 13, Rosina K is 7, Minnie I. is 1 and her brother Columbus is 5. Martha is no longer living at home.

    1886 Adaline Midkiff married Jack Justice of Patrick County, Virginia on 21 Oct 1886. We have not located any more documents with Jack Justice listed other than the 1870 US Census, he is 5 years old. Vinny Justice appears on the Marriage Certificate of Jack Justice as the only parent, she is also show on the 1870 Census as his mother. Greenville and Rhoda are shown as Adeline’s parents. Adeline is just 17 and Jack is 21 and both shown as born in Patrick County, Virginia,. According to these date Jack was born about 1865.

    Also in 1886, their first child, Delia Justice was born on 4 Oct 1886, just about 2 weeks before Adaline married Jack Justice. 

    1892 John Justice - shown in the 1920 U.S. Census for Mecklenburg, Charlotte, District 131 in North Carolina as living with his brother, Posey. The Census information shows he was born about 1892 in Virginia. His marital status is single and a cotton mill worker. I can find no other information about him.

    1984 Posey Luster Justice is born on 20 Mar 1894 in Patrick County, Virginia according to his World War 1 Draft Registration Record of 1917 and his Social Security Death Index listing.

    1898 Adaline had another child, my grandfather, Daniel Lee Justice, however, we are not sure who the father is. Daniel Lee was given to James Preston Handy and then his father Jeff Handy and raised in Woolwine, Virginia.

    1910 Adeline C. Justice is shown in the 1910-1911 Winston-Salem, North Carolina City Directory as living in Yontztown, NC.

    1912 and 1913 Adaline Justice is at 531Vine Street in Winston-Salem as a boarder according to the City Directory for that year.

    1915 Adaline is shown in the Winston-Salem Directory living at 712 E 15th and is a wid of Jno who was a tobacco worker. I believe this may be Jack’s first name.

    1916 Adaline is shown as living at 531 Vine Street in Winston-Salem, NC according to the City Directory and a widow of Jack.

    1918 Adaline is still living in Winston-Salam and now living at 530 Shuttle. Her son Posie and his, Myrtle are living at 1010 Chestnut and he is working at RJR Tobacco Company.

    1921 Adaline is at 607 Maple Street and a factory worker according to the Winston-Salem, NC City Directory.

    1922 Adaline is shown as living at 601 E 5th Street, Winston-Salem, NC.

    1923 According to family recollections, my grandfather, Daniel Lee Handy, went to North Carolina and got Adaline to come and live with him and his family in Patrick County, Virginia. After six months, that didn’t work out, so she left.

    1938 Daniel Lee Handy located Adaline again and moved her in with his family again. After three weeks, it didn’t work out, so she moved again. That is the last time Daniel Lee Handy’s daughter, Thelma Handy Spangler ever saw her. It is believed that he took her to the “Regional Poor House” , which is now Oak Grove Retirement Lodge in Chatham, Virginia. She is believed to have died after 1940 and buried in a local cemetery where residents were buried when they died. We are still looking for her death date so we can locate her death certificate and grave.

    Wednesday, October 13, 2010

    All in the Name of Justice or is it Justis or is it Jestes - You Be the Judge for Luvina Justice

    Jack Justice has been allusive to our family for many years.  I recently began doing research on this line of the family tree to see if I can finally break through this brick wall that has been around for longer than I have been alive.  Here is what I believe to be information about his mother Luvina Justice.

    Recently I found a death certificate for a Luvina Justic in Winston Salem, Forsyth, NC showing her born in Patrick County, Virginia. From there I have found the following information.  If anyone can help verify any information it would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.  You will notice Justice is spelled three ways through out this post.

    Luvina Justice (Justis/Jestes)
    Information gathered by Belinda Blades
    I can be reached at bladeshandyblog@gmail.com

    1840 Born in Virginia according to 1870 US Census.

    1865 Shows Jack Justice was born in Patrick County, Virginia and his parents as Luvina Justice. Have not found Jack Justice’s birth record yet. The 1870 Census is the only other document that ties them together.

    1870 Luvina Justice is in the 1870 US Census for Smith River, Patrick County, Virginia with a son, Jackson Justice born abt 1865. She is keeping house and can read and write.

    1873 Luvina Justice is found in the Patrick County, Virginia Birth Records as giving birth to SUSAN R. JUSTICE born 13 Dec 1873 fathers name not given.

    1882 Luvina Justice is found in the Patrick County, Virginia Birth Records as giving birth to WILLIAM H. JUSTICE born 5 Nov 1882 fathers name not given.

    1882 THOMAS G. JUSTICE born 15 Oct 1870 in Virginia according to Death Certificate and his mother is Luvina Jestes with no record of father.

    1886 Vinny Justice appears on the Marriage Certificate of Jack Justice and Adaline Midkiff. Jack and Adeline married in Patrick County on 21 Oct 1886. Can find no other documents with Jack Justice other than the 1870 US Census. They had three children: Delia Justice Austin Lankford (1886-1970) John Justice (1892-1950) Posey Luster Justice (1894-1997). Adaline had another child, my grandfather, Daniel Lee Justice, however, we are not sure who the father is. Daniel Lee was given to James Preston Handy and then his father Jeff Handy and raised in Woolwine, Virginia.

    1908 Lavinia Justice is in the Winston-Salem, NC City Directory living with her son Thomas G. Justice and his wife Alice. They are living on North Liberty Ext. (W).

    1910 According to the US Census for Winton-Salem - Thomas G and Alice JESTES have a child named Carrie M (female) born about 1908 and Thomas’s age is incorrect according to the 1920 and 1930 census. His age should be 38 not 28. Levina JESTES is shown as a boarder, age 67 which puts her birth abt 1843 and born in Virginia. She is able to read but not write. They are now living on Salvator Street. All the information match between the 1908 and 1912 City Directories and 1910 U.S. Census except the spelling of the last name.

    1912 Lavinia Justice is still with Thomas G (Laura, new wife) Justice. His first wife, Alice died shortly after the 1910 census. The listed as having a home on Salvator Street, Fairview.

    1915 Lavinia, Thomas G. (Laura) Justice are still at Salvator Street Fairview according to the Winston-Salem City Directory. The directory also shows Lavinia Justice as a widow of W.D. Justice. W. D. Justice appears on Luvina’s Death Certificate as her husband. The 1915 City Directory and her Death Certificate are the only documents that show her husband as W. D. Justice.

    1920 Thomas Jestes , Margie - his 3rd wife , 4 children, his sister-in-law, 2 nieces, 2 boarders and his mother Luvina Jestes, a 79 year old widow born in Virginia are shown as living at 824 24th Street in Winston, Forsyth, North Carolina as free of mortgage according to the 1920 US Census.

    1923 Luvina died 22 Dec 1923 at the Lawrence Hospital according to her Death Certificate found online.   I posted Luvina's death certificate in a previous post http://bladeshandy.blogspot.com/2010/10/wordless-wednesday-luvinia.html.

    Also have a copy of her obituary that appeared in the Winston-Salem Journal on December 24, 1923. It reads as follows:

    Mrs. Luvina Justice: The funeral services of Mrs. Luvina Justice, who died at a local hospital Saturday night will be conducted from the home, 824 East Twenty-fourth Street this afternoon at three o’clock by Elder O.J. Denny. Internment will be in Woodland Cemetery.
    I have also obtained a location map from Woodland Cemetery showing she is buried in Section 10, Line A, Grave 6. Located within a 15ft radius of her with the same last name are the following:

    1.  Jestes, D. (10, A, 1)
    2.  Jestes, Infant (10, A, 2E)
    3.  Jestes, James I. (10, A, 5)
    4.  Jestes, Laura Jane (10, A, 3)
    5.  Jestes, T.G. (10, A, 4)
    6.  Justice, infant ( 10, A, 10)

    Located headstone pictures of the following at http://www.findagrave.com/

    1.  Sarah Alice, his 1st wife (1881-1910)
    2.  John Willie, son of T.G. and S.A. Justice (1916-1917)
    3.  Luvina Jestes died 1922 aged 83Y - this is T.G. Jestes' mother - however the death year is wrong, should be 1922 according to her death certificate and obituary.

    After all this information, do you think this is the same person?  I would love your feedback as to what you think.  Over the next several posts, I plan to list information I have on the other Justices/Justis/Jestes in hopes of making contact with someone that has inforamtion about these relatives.




    Wednesday, October 6, 2010

    Wordless Wednesday - Luvinia Justis/Jestes/Justice

    Here is the Death Certficate for Luvinia Justis (1843-1923). 
    More on her to come this week.

    Friday, October 1, 2010

    Amanuensis Monday - The Legend of a Lemon Tree

    Here is a story and a few pictures my mother, Delcie received in early Spring 1987 from her sister, Pauline Handy Clifton.

     The Legend of a Lemon Tree:

    When dad become ill in the Fall and Winter of 1954-1955 before he died in May of that year. He did not seem to have much strength or appetite… He ate many oranges grapefruits and also had Mama to make hot or cold lemonade often for him… each time taking a seed from the fruit he had chosen and planting it in the dirt of a potted plant Mama had by a kitchen window. Soon a seed germinated, not knowing which fruit it was, he watched hopefully as it begun to grow leaves and when it was still tiny, he suggested to Mama that they transplant it into a pot of it’s very own and take to Guy and Pauline to grown in their basement window…so that she did!
    The small tree grew there in Winter and spent the Springs, Summers and Autumns out of doors. It was never transplanted but once more, knowing if it became too large, Guy cold not carry it up and down flights of steps. It was fed and watered often. It has spent a life time in four different houses. Each time finding its place-of-honor in the Clifton’s basement. It bloomed a very few times but never bore fruit until winter 1986-87... After 32 years we learned it was indeed a Lemon. It has 10 lemons. The tree has begun to die, as Spring 87 begins to near, I wonder, if it too will leave us in May as dad did?

    January 1987
    By Pauline Clifton