Thursday, October 21, 2010

Those Places - Euell Bunion Handy's Home

Euell and Oma Handy lived here.  The house is at Meadows of Dan, Virginia

This is a picture of my uncle Euell and Oma Handy's Farm in Meadows of Dan, Virginia back in the 1970's.  I remember going their with my mother, Delcie and my twin sister, Paula to visit when we were kids.  Uncle Uuell had a big farm, almost 200 acres I think.  When we would visit he used to take us for a walk around a small part of the farm.  He would also drive us around in his truck down the old dirt roads to look around and one time he hit a bump so hard we nearly fell out of the back of the truck.  

I also remember when we were younger and my eye level was at countertop hight, Aunt Oma was churning butter the old fashion way with a butter churn and Uncle Euell was just coming inside to visit with us.  When he came home from his hunting trip he wanted to know if we wanted to stay for dinner and slapped 2 or 3 dead squirrels on the counter.  When my little eyes say those dead squirrels on the counter, at my eye level, I ran from the kitchen onto the front porch and said "I want to go home, I am not eat squirrel!"  For some reason everyone thought that was funny but me.

Euell Handy in the 1970's

Euell Handy talking to my mother, Delcie and Deb looking on in her blue blazer. 
Paula, my twin, and I in our little red outfits looking at the goat
 and talking to Aunt Oma.  Picture taken in the late 1970's

Uncle Euell and Mom, Delcie Handy Blades
Taken in the late 1970's

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