Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Obituary - D. Lee Handy

On Sundya, May 15, 1955, my grandfather, D. Lee Handy, passed away at a local hospital near his home in Roanoke, Virginia. Originally from Meadows of Dan, Virginia, D. Lee and his wife, Callie moved to Roanoke about 1950.

Funeral services were held a few days later at Oakey's. Interment followed at Evergreen Burial Park in Roanoke, Virginia.

Monday, May 16, 1955, The Roanoke Times

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Belinda said...

My Cousin Arnold emailed me to day to let me know Grandma and Grandpa Handy moved to Roanoke in 1946. They lived in a home known as Beckner Place and operated a store there.

Thanks for the info Cousin Arnold.